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The Girl with A Travelling Heart and A Camera

8 Nov

* Below is my work after a killing afternoon. Once I felt that I hated these two teachers. Now I realize that they were just trying to simulating the situation in a real newsroom. I love this job even more now.


She sits down wearing her scalf, holding her camera. Adjusting herself to the chair indicates her abundant energy. “Let’s get started.” She said.

Rashmi Narayan, journalism student at the University of Westminster, lives with an energetic heart and her pictures.

A travelling heart

Rashimi never stops travelling. The rest of the world is just so tempting that she cannot resist the allure. “I like running out.” She says with a big and proud smile.

“I tend to go extreme. I’d like to go to either very big cities or somewhere that nobody has ever been there before.” Says Rashmi with a serious attitude. For her, places like London and some anonymous Pacific island bear the same interest.

Rashmi Narayan with her camera in the newsroom

She is a huge fan of big cities. Coming from Bangalore, India, which in her words is a “small city”, she is keen to explore metropolis in the world.

She appears to be quite exited trip to the United States during the Christmas holiday, but she soon turns disappointed when she knows that New York is not on her route. Instead she will go to Texas to meet her sister.

“I have many friends there,” says Rashmi on her trip to Texas with detectable disappoint, “It is boring, not festive and there is nothing colourful”.

“Bangalore is not a big city. Bangalore has no life. I love city with life. People are saying that Bangalore is a good city, and there are so many things there. But I’d rather to leave it there.” Rashmi loves Bangalore as the place where she was born but not as the place to explore.

She finds her passion in big cities because there are many opportunities for her, ranging from technology to arts and entertainments.

Also because she is a student, she tries to grab every chance to embrace the rest of the world before starting her career.

She says :“I’d like to gain experience that I can take home when I am still young. When you are working, there is no time. I can make time for this, but it’s not free. When you are a student, you don’t have many responsibilities to bear. ”

She fancies enriching her knowledge and conception through travelling. She always goes to a place with a certain notion, but sometimes the destination can also let her down.

The trip to Egypt seems like that destination. She says: “People there don’t know much about Egypt. They can show me the direction of some place if I ask. But when I ask something about the Sphinx, they don’t know about it.” That is the experience that actually changes rather than enriching  her notion about a place.

“Camera is my life.”

Asking about the only thing that she will take out of the room when there is the fire alarm, Rashmi named her camera.

To her, pictures can help her recording memory. She says: “Every picture speaks to me. With a camera, I can see the pictures again and again.”

However according her it seems not a domain to start a career. “Many people people have talked about this to me. But when it becomes your profession, people start to expect much from you. It is more free as a hobby”, says Rashmi with a smile on her face, again.

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