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A new flavour of journalism (Article posted on 18 October 2010, transferred from another blog)

19 Oct

Journalism is a broad subject, under which there are many specialists, such as sports, travel, business and so forth. Just like selling normal goods, there is a trend of pursuing a niche market, which guarantees that everyone get what he/she wants. So is the situation for journalism. An important part of journalism is to sell news, e.g. to attract readers in order to reach as many people as possible. This may be why there are so many different specialists under the subject of journalism.

Today we’ve been introduced a new way of writing stories. Today’s subject is lifestyle journalism. I myself am even not sure what lifestyle is, but one thing that I am sure is that it is everywhere in our life.

For journalists, it is important to notice that the way of writing and structuring a story is quite different form that of a news story or even a news feature. Concerning lifestyle writing, you must show your passion with attractive words. Impartiality and fairness can sometimes even be compromised, which can not be imaged in the context of news writing.

I would say that to write articles with a different style is really a funny thing. To taste this new flavour of journalism is like to find a brand new part of my brain.

Below is my work in the class, which may probably make some sense. In this article I covered the Portobello Market, one of London’s most famous market and a tourist spot now.

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Are you bored on Saturday? Then going to one of London’s most famous (and some say the world famous!) markets is a good choice. Every Saturday form 8 am to 5 pm, London’s Portobello market will never let you down. Get ready for a feast for your eyes, nose and even those greedy taste buds!

It is better be a clear and sunny day, as you will not want to ruin your good mood – though this does not happen regularly in London.

So now we have a good weather. What else? Probably patience, but sometimes we also need tolerance. Portobello market is growing almost as a tourist spot. The bright side is the atmosphere of every Saturday on the Portobello Road will be incredibly fantastic. But the dark side is, you almost cannot avoid floods of people.

Then comes the shining part of the market. If you are a fan of boutiques that sell various goods, then Portobello market is your paradise. From books to cooking wares, from paintings to leather products, you name it. If you are just a window shopper, it might even be too dazzling.

Now you’ve seen loads of interesting boutiques. It’s time for some refreshments. Foods and drinks are never in short on Saturday’s Portobello Road. Something that is worthy to try is the Spanish paella. Choices can be made between chicken and seafood flavour, either of which will simply bring your stomach into heaven.

What about some street show? Street artists bring their original work to the market, enriching the atmosphere with some sounds of Muses.

Answering the call of nature can be a small problem at Portobello Market. Public toilets do exist but normally they are either hard to be found or far away. A tip is to try to go to those bars at the street side.

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