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Oops, I’ve chosen the Gaga course

3 Nov

We won’t wait very long to hear students in the University of South Carolina to say so, as the university has launched a course about Lady Gaga and her fame, according to the BBC.

Bound to sell

This is a course that is bound to attract interests. There is no doubt about a pop star being the most prominent selling point. Just like news, celebs always sell. In this voyeuristic society, people feel satisfied to see what happens to stars. On one hand people need someone to worship, on the other hand they need to unveil their star to know everything about him/her.

The second eyeball attractor is the rare combination of celebs and academia. Whenever these two elements go together, it is quirky and therefore newsworthy. Pop culture stands for consumerism. People tend to consume and forget. The only unchangeable trend is change. Sociology is far more rational. It analyzes, it deconstructs and sometimes it bores.

It reminds me of the American TV series called The Big Bang Theory, where several scientists are presented as hilarious figures. It is another way of combine pop culture and academia, and it works. More importantly, it sells.

A living course

Now sociologists want to sit down and look into some popular figure and her fame. Research used to lag behind what actually happens in the real world. But not for this course. One of the most interesting part of this course is that it is living.

Let me introduce the name of the course: Lady Gaga and the Sociology of the Fame. According to the BBC, course leader Prof. Mathieu Deflem initially intended to call this course “Sociology of Fame” or “The Sociology of Celebrity”. My favourite part is, the subject of this course is alive and so is her career. The content of the course may go together with her career. Ups and downs can be perfect cases for sociology, and people who are involved in this course never know what will happen to their subject in the future. The course breathes with the subject.



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