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Eamonn Matthews told journalism students to “tell the truth”

18 Nov

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Unreported World‘s Eamonn Matthews emphasized the importance of truth in TV production during a talk to students on Tuesday. “Our duty is to tell the truth.” He said.

The managing director of Quicksilver Media and producer from Channel 4 gave a lecture to students at the University of Westminster about how to execute good TV journalism.

“TV journalism has a duty to put cameras to places that people don’t want you to.” said Eamonn Matthews on the cruciality of transgression in the production of Unreported World.

He also pointed out that secret filmming is “important to TV” in the pursuit of the truth, but it must be conducted “in a proper way”.

The expense of the truth

Eamonn Matthews has also acknowledged that truth-telling is likely to sabotage the safety of people who are involved in the prgramme production. There is a possiblity of being taken to the court.

“Don’t tell lies,” He said to students on facing a legal issue, “Do it in a straightforward way. Straightforward journalism is the best defense.”

In terms of physical safety, he has mentioned that reporters are constantly under threats, among which car crashes and kidnaps are most prominent menaces.

Eamonn Matthews is talking about the truth in TV journalism at the University of Westminster

Being asked about the possibility of reporters suffering from psychological traumas, Eamonn Matthews told students that “it happens sometimes”.

“They will talk to someone, “He added, “But for most of the time they are robust characters. They must keep their humanity as well as working.”

In the respect of the truth, it is sometimes necessary to oppress emotions, as he has also stressed that journalists should not interfere too much into the subject’s life even while reporting stories that may provoke sympathy.

Elements of good truth-telling

Eamonn Matthews believes that TV journalism can reveal the truth in a better way than other platforms such as the newspaper, as he said: “TV can bring alive what is real in the middle of the world.”

“There are real things happening, and only TV can do this job. It can take you to a place and make you feel you are there”. He added. Therefore he thinks that the story is the first thing that shoud be considered before filmming anything.

Apart from the story, he has also stressed the character and the narrative as the other two crucial elements for genuine TV journalism.

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