Join Johnny in an adventure of being a hero

31 Mar


Rango poster

“Johnny Depp is Rango.” The publicity line both on the poster and in the teaser is strong enough to draw some attention to Nickelodeon Movies’ new animated work.

Rango (voice by Johnny Depp) is a chameleon that always wants to be a hero, but lives in a glass box as a pet. One day he is accidentally sent to a town called “Dirt” in the middle of the desert. There he finds love with Beans (voiced by Isla Fisher). He then starts an adventure to be a hero through a battle for water. It is actually not different from any American superhero movie. In the massive hopelessness, the public needs something to believe in; it is the result of hope that helps them live on.

Johnny Depp still keeps his Captain Jack element, even through voice – a bit cynical, weird, unsettling.

The backdrop of the Wild West also gives this movie some more nostalgic indulgence. Hans Zimmer has hidden his strong electronic style but presented a largely Latin American score, which fits perfectly with the smooth animation.

Gore Verbinski inserts the story into a tale told by four owl musicians, which makes the movie run like a bedtime story for kids. The scene of Rango’s dream quite resembles one from the third piece of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, where Jack Sparrow is actually “at world’s end.”


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